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Install the addin on Excel

Installing XLbroadcaster addin on Excel is only few clicks (just like any other addin installation)!

Register your account

Once the add is install, you have to register it using the license key you received via email:
In any cell, enter =xlbc_check_license("<license_key>") where <license_key> is your key received by email.
For instance: =xlbc_check_license("e9ca3144-0820-4c0f-91d3-01aba3eab967")

Test it

Now you can test your installation:
In cell C3:
In cell C5: DICT
In cell C7: =xlbc_get(CONCAT(C3,C5),, C9)
You should see results in cell C9. Then you can change C5 with SCALAR, COL, ROW, DICT_LIST

Excel file with examples