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Excel to Excel

In conjonction with Databroadcaster, users can create "channels" to send or receive data from/to another Excel spreadsheets.
Optionnaly Databroadcaster enables access control, audit trail and even end-to-end encryption.
Once a channel is created, users can write and/or read with xlbc_xlrange() function.

=xlbc_xlrange("dbc://write/sales_projections", B5:H55) will send data within cells B5:H55 to channel "sales_projections" (such channel being previously created in
On a remote Excel, an authorized user will read channel "sales_projections" with the following formula =xlbc_xlrange("dbc://read/sales_projections",,F30), F30 being the top-left corner of the receiving data range.

External APIs

XLbroadcaster addin also allow users to request any REST API as long as JSON format is used.
xlbc_get() and xlbc_post() functions are available to generate such requests.

Parameters can be added with a 2 columns data range passed second argument.
First column will define parameter name, and the second column will define its value.
Depending the HTTP method handled by the function, parameters will be included in the URL or request body.

It is possible to include custom headers in the request with the :: prefix to any parameter name.

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